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1% Guillotine Alert:
Paris Hilton's Miniature Doggie Mansion, complete with Air Conditioning and Chandelier

Lady Gaga
How Passion for Horses Shaped Her Career

Attention Stoners:
Should You Give Your Pets Marijuana for Ailments?



News you can bear to read

French President's Dog Joins Official Greeting Line

Dog Welcoming Movie Theater

Utah Outlaws Pot for Pets
Preventing Pet Owners from Kibble Nibbling?!?

Speed Racer: Kitten Rides from Connecticut to Massachusetts Under Hood of Car!

Alerted By Mother Cat, Rescuers Free Trapped Kitten from Car EngineS

Golden Retriever Busts Heroin Stash, Wins Police Honors

Cat saves Man from House Fire

Can your dog do this?
Dog uses toilet and even flushes

Bald Rabbit Leaps to Internet Stardom

But She's Not a Normal Cow: Arkansas Couple Builds Bedroom for Pet Cow

Monkey Adopts Chicken

Heading to Beverley Hills or Hollywood?
Two Adorable Mountain Lion Kittens found in Santa Monica Mountains
Pet Swap
Are Chickens the New Dogs?

Strange Pets Indeed

Donkey, Chicken and Lizard Join Wedding Party

Science: How Horses Got Their Hooves

New Scientist on Snow Leopards

More powerfull than humans: Celebrity Pets

Rare shots of Scottish snow hares.

British Warning over Pygmy Hedgehogs as Pets

Canine First Aid: Mouth to Snout

Celebrities who gave their Pets away

Seagulls and other feathered friends

Seagulls Help Clean Brighton Beach

Good Manners in Maine: Even the Seagulls

Rescued Barn Owl Chicks Bounce Back into Wild

Pictures: Young Bird Photographers of 2017

People evacuate with their pets rather than possessions, or even clothing

Gator Advice for Flooding

Former Banker Devotes Her Life to West Bank Dogs

Lady Gaga: How Horses shaped her career

Legal Aid for Cats and Dogs

Life-saving surgery for Turtles

Feline Camouflage: Spot the Cat

Dog Classifieds

Ducks are very cute, too!
But: Be please refrain from feeding them bread! Bread does NOT constitute a nutricious duck-appropriate meal!
Tiny ducklings saved from autobahn traffic by police near Dortmund, Germany. They all fit in one police hat.

Some parrots can get very old- some reportedly 100 years. One man in Australia has thought about the problem of birds outliving their human family.

Otter stories
Otters rescued from AZ canal
This is a fearless Siberian otter, filmed while defending its puddle from a tractor.
Meanwhile, In Singapore, an enire otter family is seeking relocation to different territory, where they can teach their pups new tricks.
June 1st was World Otter Day. Look at pictures of the cutest Singapore otters
Sick of loud arguments between neighbors? This is how an elephant bull felt as two ostriches had a nasty fight. This was caught on tape in Tanzania


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